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Feature request - online users only visible for registered
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Autor:  Polle [ Di 16. Aug 2016, 20:14 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Feature request - online users only visible for registered

Hi - great work this module - I was using a similar module before but that one required a license to filter the bots ...
I have a feature request, not too difficult to implement imho: provide some ACL so that only registered users can
see the number of online users and the corresponding user details.
I don't want 'ordinary' visitors (guests) to see how many users are logged in and they don'"t need to know their
names either. Adding some ACL offers the choice whether or not to show that info.

Autor:  micha [ Mi 17. Aug 2016, 17:15 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Feature request - online users only visible for register

Hi Polle,

I had plan some changes but unfortunately I moved the changes again and again into "a future date", because I simple haven't enougth time :(

But else..

I think your request should be already possible with "readonly counter views" :D

- you need a "Counting Counter" ( not readonly ) which is 'called / executed' on each site which is relevant to count
( possible in footer of each site, you can also create a counter modul on each site which shows nothing - important would be the "call of module" ! )
- need a "Counter View" (Copy of Write Counter Modul, but set it to "readonly mode") and show this for Public Users only
- need another "Counter View" for "Registered Users"

You can configure the "Counter Views" as you want. Important is the readonly mode.

How this basicly works is mentioned within this video ( starting by about 03:40 ) :

Is it what you need ?


Autor:  Polle [ Do 18. Aug 2016, 11:49 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Feature request - online users only visible for register

Hi Micha,
I think we're talking about different things here - I attached a screenshot to clarify.
I would like to hide the marked section for guests so that only logged in
users can see how many users are logged in ('Ingelogd') and which users are logged
in (Wie is online ?).

Dateikommentar: Screenshot
visitors.jpg [ 38.58 KiB | 13070-mal betrachtet ]

Autor:  micha [ Do 18. Aug 2016, 16:42 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Feature request - online users only visible for register

Hi Polle,

yes yes, this is what the video shows.. Let me explain.

The thinking is little bit other : you not hide some views for guest, you extend/add a view for registered users.

The video show you a creation of three counterr moduls. For your request "three moduls" are not absolutely needed, but would be the "flexiblest" configuration. You can do it also with two counter moduls.

At the moment you have one counter modul configured. This is in "write mode" ( readonly=false ) and it is shown for all peoples/groups.

For a solution with two counter modules, you have to :

1) disable within this still existing counter modul the view for "logged in users" ( in main you configure this counter for the guests , and it is your write counter )
- now all people can not see this view
2) now create a copy the still existing counter modul ( joomla copy modul )
- within this copy set the paramater readonly to true (!important!)
( readonly means: the counter works as a Counter-View, it shows some views which are based on a write-counter or are independent of some counte values )
- enable the view for "logged in users" and disable all others 'views'
- set the modul at a joomla-temple-possition you need ( possible below your still existing counter )
- set the group which can 'see' that modul to "Registered"
- disbale some modul headline, and so on

Thats it :)

I know. Not same procedure as with ACL, but possible.

There are a lot of other configurations possible. You can create lot of more own Counter-Views (readonly) or other Write-Counters( change table name) with again own Counter.views. Therefore I recommend mostly the "three counter modul" configuration. ( example would also be the Extended-Demo-Page. This are real counter-Views, not fake images ;) )

Again the hint: have in mind some views which can enabled within a counter works independent of "counter behavior" ( good example would be "logged in user" or "IP-address" ). With a Counter-View ( means a counter modul in "read only" mode ) you can use this features without the needing of use the counter-behavior ( you use the counter not as a counter ;) ) .
With help of joomla you set "who can see" that counter-view-moduls.


Autor:  Polle [ Fr 19. Aug 2016, 09:02 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Feature request - online users only visible for register

Oops - I should have paid more attention to your first reply.
That will work of course - the only minor drawback is that I'll need to work with different names - no big deal.
Imho, it's not the cleanest way - I'd prefer to have a setting to hide things for guest users but for the time being, working with a copy will do fine.
Thx again for pointing me to the right direction.

BTW, I assume that by setting it to read-only, it will not try to create a table in the DB overwriting the existing one and it will not write to the existing table ?

Autor:  micha [ Fr 19. Aug 2016, 17:47 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Feature request - online users only visible for register

Yeah.. this I meant with "is not same as ACL" .. but, have in mind the counter was developed/started for some years and this solution can have also some advantages ;)

The Counter-Implementation never "override" a existing data-table. If you configure two write-counters with the same "table name" , e.g. because of a mistake, the only thing what can happen is, that the counts are not correct.

Once a counter was executed/called (table is created) it would be a good idea to set the parameter "Create Table" to "No" ( this 'skips' an additional check - good for performance ).
Of course you can set this parameter also for a Read-only-Counter (Counter-View) - to be safest :D

In generally a "read-only" counter make no "action (update,insert..)" on the data-table. Of course for counter-depend view it "read" data from it, but for some of the existing views the 'table' is never used.


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